Paid a few visits to the neighbors.....


5 year old buck +
I brought some sausage and Christmas Greetings to a few neighbors of mine the other day. Talked to one neighbor I hardly ever see. Told them if they ever consider selling off the "back 40" I might be their we have a few more family members hunting each year.

They are considering retirement.....and maybe could use the money......and are going to talk about it. I told them I wasn't really shopping to buy that day....but if they are ready to sell one day we should talk about it. (This 40 would REALLY improve my situation!).

I have some pretty good neighbors.....and spend a little time at maintaining our relationships. They thought my gift of sausage was a terrific gesture. :) Sometimes a stick of sausage can go a long ways.
Good luck picking up the 40. Glad to hear you have good neighbors. Sometimes they are hard to find.
I offer up my sausage.

Ding-dong goes the bell.

"Hey neighbor, what to taste my sausage?"

Usually ends up with the cops being called......again.
A kind gesture goes a long ways these days. Good for you Foggy
in all honesty a good relationship with your neighbors is very valuable. Even if they don't deer hunt. I resolved 2 issues this year because of good relationships with my neighbors. I was able to look for my lost deer for several days and finally recovered it and addressed a stand on my property that shouldn't have been there both very peaceably simply because I get along with my neighbors.
Like habitat work, relationships with neighbors are best started years ago. I like the crew I have to deal with except for those cat hunting sockcuckers on the snowmobile that may be feeling some financial hardship soon.
"sockcuckers" that's a good one there!

A lot like being stuck'n fumped!