Only one variety

Lee hall

A good 3 year old buck
If you were only able to plant one variety of fruit tree what would it be. I don't mean apple, pear,persimmon, or plum I mean actual variety. I'd have to say I'd go with keiffer pear.
Yea I didn't think about that. Well, assuming pollination was not an issue, what would it be?
Chestnut crab.
Man I wish liberty apples would grow down here. Seems like a great tree in the right places.
I have no long term experience with them but my research points me to Olympic asian pear. Great for critters and personal consumption;)
Latest dropping, tough as nails, and keeps longer than euro pears...
I have a couple Korean giants, a couple Shinko, Galloway, orient, and a few other varieties but the keiffers seem to drop during the season , be very disease resistant, produce well, and just generally grow well down here. I have good growth out of others but it's doing the best so far.
Liberty Apple, early bearing, easy to train, good crotch angles, hangs well on trees, disease resistant, good eating fresh or for pies.