Nurse crop that is not deer attractive


5 year old buck +
Open to any and all ideas. We have a large area that will be seeded for pasture in a couple weeks that has serious road frontage. Guy doing the work normally seed oats with the grass to help with erosion since this is hill ground. No other way to screen it so we want to swap oats for something less appealing to the deer. Thinking buckwheat but haven't really started researching either. Plan to shoot a few does there and hunt it really sloppy to discourage use as much as possible too.
Buckwheat will die with the first frost and won't give much erosion control when it is dead. Also, buckwheat was well browsed on our old place and others on here will tell you the same thing. Probably not as preferred as oats, but still readily browsed by deer.
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The fescue should be established enough to control most erosion by the time of normal first frost. The "not as preferred as oats" was the reason for considering it.
Annual rye grass
Does it establish any faster than fescue?