North Central Reforestation vs. Itasca Greenhouse?


I've ordered from Itasca in the past, and was impressed with the plugs. Now I see you guys talking about NCR... How do they compare? Pros, cons?

Just curious.


I've only ordered from Itasca once, but everything I got was excellent. The dogwoods in size 6 were about 3 feet tall. I would recommend without hesitation. If you followed the tree ordering thread, the reason I'm going with NCR this year is that they have the chokeberry bushes I'm looking for. Otherwise, at peak discount, I think the spruces are 24 cents at NCR, and 25 cents at Itasca.
Same as stu. I've only used ncr and for the same reason. They're only 50 minutes from the property and were very nice as well. I bought some red pines, Hazlenuts,and wild plum from them 2 years ago. I lost a few to the drought that year but that was kind of expected.
I have only used Ncr but again it's because they are very close to me. Good quality and nice to work with. Like anything I have had some mortality.