New target

Very nice I very much like ringing steel targets. I have a couple targets on the edge of ponds myself one at 450yards and one at about 585yards makes getting on zero a lot easier if your scope doesn’t have zero stop as most of mine don’t and occasionally I forget to zero one after shooting and the next time out is more interesting because of my lax in memory.
What's the orange piece for?
Moves when target is hit?
From side to side yes
Exactly, swings to the other side when it's hit. Adds a visual as well as the "ding" when the bullet hits. Plus it's a smaller target to aim at for more challenge.
I’ve been tempted to put up a dueling tree at 400 yards
I’ve been tempted to put up a dueling tree at 400 yards

2 things... that would a blast, and you're better shots than we are! :)
We do egg shoots at 400
One of my shooting partners has 22-243 wildcat on an untapered shillen barrel it looks like a truck axle he is the king of 400 yard egg shoots. I’ve seen him shoot $.50 cent piece 5 shot groups at 600 with it
Holy smokes! What's some impressive shooting!

We typically shoot .22's freehand from the deck. Not exactly long range precision, but fun in it's own right.
Offhand shooting is a lost art to many, myself included!
My own offhand is hit and miss lol