New Rules on Rain Dance


5 year old buck +
OK....learned a few new approaches to the rain dance:New Zealand Rugby Sevens 'All Blacks' Perform Shirtless Haka Dance, and It's Glorious

NOW.....being most of you guys stiffed me on the rain you got last year.....and Sandbur made off the the proceeds he was to send me........maybe this year I WONT QUIT dancing until you pay up. :D;)
Come on Foggy stop that darn dancing. It's been raining here for 24+ hours. Soon I'll have a duck pond not a food plot. Besides my check was returned to sender.
I'm afraid to tell you to stop...once it does, it may not rain again this year...o_O
2012 and 2013 were terrible droughts. Foggy are sure even talking about a rain dance is a good idea? Especially when it's already raining and has been for the past couple weeks :confused:
We have been getting some precipitation this spring. So far so good, other than trying to get high shool track meets and practices in on a consistent basis.
:)Rain baby rain. My pond at home is looking great now. Been a couple years since I was able to put some fish in it....
Just stop with the tornado dance. Last night was was no fun at all. Nor was starting the clean up today.
Send checks to Sandbur. I can fill in the amounts. Beer, I mean expenses are getting higher.

Don't trust foggy, he ran to Arizony with the money and did not come back until he was broke. Now he is jnto this blackmail thing where he won't let it quit raining until you pay up.

I heard from a reliable source that he is a real troublemaker.;)