My Redneck Irrigation!





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Come on Mo after the last 3 years we're due for a good August in MO.

Nice set up though. I'm curious how it works and how long it feeds the trees. I have way to many to do that with its Mother Nature or die for me.
Is your system gravity flow or do you have a pump to maintain pressure in the lines?
MO - you fill the large tank off your gutters or some sort of catch system?
How long is the run from tank to end of line? I built a cart with the same tank nice units !
I tried same type of set up with a 50 gal barrel and a soaker hose didn't work well. Looks like drip line is the way to go. Is that a sheet rock screw? Or what size hole to you recommend ?
Thanks for posting the pictures. I was thinking of something similar for next year - I will probably pump water out of a pond to fill the tank, but I haven't looked at pumps or filters yet (I have the tank). I was thinking about adding a smaller size line to encircle the tree, but not sure if that would work. My goal would be to provide about 3 gals per tree per week for two weeks, for about 40 trees. Normally, I am onsite every two weeks during the summer.

I wish!

I see we have 10 days of hot, dry, windy weather already!

Yea, my brassica seed is going to just lay there and get a suntan.
i'm ripping off this idea. guaranteed. i love it. 3 of my 4 apple trees i planted last year are now dead because i can't get up there to water them. bought the 275 gallon tanks last year. i have everything i need.

thanks for posting
Hey Rack, how is it going? We have not seen you on here for a while. How are the food plots coming?
funny you should ask. i just posted something about why i haven't been on here. it's been an insane summer. it's laughable. every time i think i'm going to make it up north for a weekend something happens. there's been about 4 or 5 times where i thought i was going to spend the weekend up north and then friday afternoon something happens. bags packed and everything. I've been staying off here because it's depresses me :)

i haven't done anything with food plots outside of dropping a bunch of money with you. i think the beans will have to wait until next year, i should still have decent germination right? I was thinking to just put it on a little thicker next spring.

outside of my fall food plots my next project will be your watering system here. i just ordered some garden hose adapters for the 275 gallon totes off ebay.
Sorry to hear all of that! The seed should be fine! Make sure you use a non collapsing style of hose that will hold its shape. Good luck with the watering system!

it's all good. the family is having a blast this summer. at some point i'll get back out there.

good tip on the hose. i wouldn't have thought of that. i was just going to put the totes by the trees and use a 5 gallon pail to water the trees. this is the way to go for sure. it's so typical for a farmer to come up with something like this.