My mix and results so far:


5 year old buck +
I planted 3 types of radishes, PTT, hairy vetch, clover, some melons, sunflowers, okra, and some other stuff that I don't remember exactly what it was (I kind of went though the garden section buying left over seed).

Some of the plot didn't take well so I planted the edges to wheat. After no rain for a while the wheat was thin so I went back this weekend with winter rye in hope of rain this week.

They hit the radish tops first (they are now growing new leafs):

They were hitting the sunflowers at the same time:

Now they are after the turnips:

They seemed to like whatever vines I planed:

Wheat is thin so hopefully the rye thickens it up some:
How did the hairy vetch turn out?
It looks like you had success and also that you have a healthy deer population.

Where are you located?
The vetch (and Austrian Winter Peas) plants were few and far between, they didn't seem to germinate well. The ones that I did find disappeared pretty quick. I don't know if they had poor growing conditions or if the deer ate them but none of those plants made it more than 6in tall before disappearing.

Sandbur, I'm in Kansas and we have decent deer numbers. It's hard for me to plant anything other than wheat and expect it to make it very long.