My cats are growing antennas

Native Hunter

5 year old buck +

I talked with the young lady from the F&W Service tracking this cat at my gate the other day. She is from Michigan and said she will be here for 6 months. She said they released it about 12 miles from here. Wish they would release some trophy bucks.:D:D
A friend of mine did studies with both bobcats and trophy bucks that were radio collared. Cool thing to be part of if you are interested in animal behavior.
It would be interesting to know how large an area it roams.
Really cool pic!
Thanks guys. They said it seems to be spending most of its time now about 3/4 mile south of me along a grown up creek bottom. I will ask more questions if I see her again. My place is covered with rabbits, so that's probably why its coming around.

The cat ain't likely to get any turkeys here now that the Switchgrass and Big Blue have bolted. The birds seem shocked when they see where they nested early this spring!:eek:

That's is cool.

If you see her again her if you shoot it in season if you can keep the colar for the mount :)
That's is cool.

If you see her again her if you shoot it in season if you can keep the colar for the mount :)

LOL, I hadn't even thought of that. Maybe she would give me the tracking device and head phones too.:D
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thats cool!
Cool! My buddies first buck had a collar on it. He later found out its age (2.5) an other info and that it was relocated from some park. FYI He did not get to keep the collar lol!!!
Cool pic of the bobcat! We have a good number of bobcats here in Pa. I've seen a number of them over the years. One thing I know they are hell on - MICE. I've seen lots of snow evidence of their mouse kills and we currently have one regularly mousing around some firewood piles at my camp. Cats are no big problem to game critters here. Coyotes, now - choose your weapon !!! If you ever have a chance to watch ( undetected ) a bobcat hunt, enjoy the show. Really cool animal.
Sometimes they make dummy collars that look like the original just without the expensive guts, you can probably get your hands on one of those. I had a hen pintail that I mounted for a customer, it had a small "backpack" transmitter. He got a dummy one from USFWS when he talked to them after he shot the bird.
Keep us posted !!
Keep us posted !!

Cat is part of a bobcat study they have going on. His name is "F27" a name for a cat! Guess the "F" must stand for "Feline."
Very cool.
F stands for Felix :)