MN Wolf Rpt (11 incidents this week)


5 year old buck +
Just finished my lap through the MN ODN. Here are the summed up wolf incidents from this week.

Bagley - wolf depredation complaint.
International Falls - injured wolf at the edge of town had to be dispatched.
International Falls - one trapped and dispatched due to depredation complaint.
Henning - horse attacked.
Henning - horse attacked and injuries reported. (separate incident)
Virginia - road killed wolf, no word on vehicle damage. Time for surplus tags to protect drivers!
Grand Marais - wolf attacked a dog.
Grand Marais - wolf attacked a dog, owner shot back. (separate incident)
Duluth - wolf snatched family dog.
Crosby - livestock depredation reported.
Garrison - wolf related complaint.

See you next week!
I wonder how many more problems are being had and dealt with quietly vs just what the DNR is hearing about?
I heard a second hand story of a deer hunter wanting a wolf tag so he had a reason to go to deer camp as his chances of seeing a deer were near zero.
Wish it was how it use to be.....every deer tag was also good for a wolf.