MN Archery Buck


5 year old buck +
I've been hunting pretty hard the past 3 weeks, jumping back and forth from my 240 acre MN lease, and my 105 acre farm in WI. This was our first year hunting the MN property and going into the season we were pretty excited about what we had on camera. I waited to hunt MN until the end of October and unfortunately gun season started the 8th of November which gives you a pretty short window to harvest a buck with a bow. I passed up 20+ bucks the first week of November, just nothing I wanted to put my tag on. Gun season started, then it snowed, and I knew the bucks would be on there feet. It was still gun season, and last Friday I sat with my bow overlooking ridge-top food plot. Had some does pass through and a 2 year old 8 point, then I saw antlers and noticed a kicker off a G-2. I reached for my bow as I knew what buck this was, he was on my hit-list. He made a scrape, and came walking down the trail I needed him too. At 15 yards I stopped him and let one fly. I was a little disappointed in my hit, I hit him back a little, I figured liver hit. I backed out, and came back the next morning to find him laying 100 yards from where I shot him. Not the giant I was after, but a good buck and a great hunt! Time to focus on Wisconsin and have some more fun!

I've always wanted to shoot a buck with my bow during the gun season, and glad it worked out the way it did!

Here's a video of him from back in September.

Here is another one of the bucks I was after. My Broker's son shot this buck on our lease yesterday morning with a gun! What an awesome deer, very happy for the youngster!

two great bucks for sure! thanks for sharing!
Nice bucks! That's an impressive pair of bucks off 240 acres, congrats. Were you hunting the APR region in SE MN?
Great buck congrats!!
Very nice to tag it during gun season!
Nice bucks! That's an impressive pair of bucks off 240 acres, congrats. Were you hunting the APR region in SE MN?

Honestly not sure where the APR is, we were in Winona County.
Congrats to both of you!
Two awesome bucks, happy for both hunters
Couple of really nice bucks! Congratulations!!
Two dandy bucks for sure! It's cool when you have pix / video of a buck and then have the chance to take him later on - especially with a bow. Congrats to both hunters!
Congrats to you both, good to see you have some harvestable bucks on that lease!