miscanthus/herbicide question


5 year old buck +
Does anyone know if miscanthus is resistant to basagran or bentazon? I tilled a strip and planted rhizomes this spring, and the yellow nutsedge went nuts (I thought that it was pretty well suppressed). I want to bomb out the nutsedge with bentazon, but don't want to risk the miscanthus planting. Thanks.
First I'm going to say this. Never tried either have no experience. But based on the fact that basagran is safe on sorghum and corn I lean towards thinking it's safe on MG. if you want to experiment do it around 1 plant and see what happens.
The crop oil, if you use it, will stunt the MG and turn the bottoms brown but won't kill it and it will bounce back.

Having said that. Do it for experiment only. I don't think yellow nutsedge stands a chance of suppressing MG it may steal some nutrients from the soil but it just won't be able to keep up with the vertical growth of the MG
thanks bill. i'll experiment around one plant. i'm not so much concerned about the miscanthus as i am about the plots it will be screening. i don't want to damage it with any drift and i'd like to spray/plant right up to it if possible.