1. tynimiller

    Miscanthus Gigantus....for bedding?

    I was discussing switchgrass and such with a buddy and he started telling me of a friend of his farm where they literally planted 100's of rhizomes per acre, by year 4 the area was incredible he claimed. I asked him to get some pictures but has this crossed anyone's minds? I mean I've had great...
  2. loshonhora

    miscanthus/herbicide question

    Does anyone know if miscanthus is resistant to basagran or bentazon? I tilled a strip and planted rhizomes this spring, and the yellow nutsedge went nuts (I thought that it was pretty well suppressed). I want to bomb out the nutsedge with bentazon, but don't want to risk the miscanthus...
  3. O

    Miscanthus ... as a screen

    In order to avoid high-jacking Bill's excellent thread on propagating Miscanthus, I thought I'd share my experiences to the extent they may help others. I'll start by showing how I prepare them in the spring for new growth AND what I believe are the 2 most important things (competition and...
  4. Bill

    Miscanthus Giaganteus propagation from cuttings.

    Some already know about this but for those who don't, I started experimenting with propagating Miscanthus via cuttings 2 years ago. At this point I'm 100% sure it works as it was successful the past two falls. In mid to late August look at the first node in the grass growing closest to the...