looking for European skull wall mount


5 year old buck +
Well I was watching one of the sportsman's Channels last week and saw a show on a taxidermist. He had a wall mount for European skulls that I thought was pretty cool and want to use for the deer I got in MN this year. The only problem is I didn't write down the info on it and now can't find who sells it. The mount is made to look like the spine of a deer coming out of the wall and you put the skull on it. If anybody knows where I can find this I would be very grateful. Thanks Wade.
Nope. The one i'm looking for has an artificial backbone that you set the head on to. Thanks for the link.
You'll have to let us know if you find it.
I definitely will. It's gonna haunt me until I find it.
I know how you felt on a mission to find something you saw. Glad you found it. Not really my thing but still kind of neat.