Looking for a screen?


5 year old buck +
Something like these might just be a viable alternative.....
I found this while doing some research for some information on switchgrass and alternatives to the standard varieties that most habitat guys are familiar with...


I know it's for biofuel, but I read the seed agreement and there is nothing in it that says "we" can't use it for screening or wildlife plantings.
Yeah, I got all that. Do you have any access to this seed or is it something you can only get through Blade?
Thanks for the honesty, MOBuck! :)
A bit scholarly and sometimes technical, but a bunch of good info on variety traits and adaptations. The info in the tables, graphs, and maps alone are worth reading it.

http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j...4urzMUN_g gtA

This really shows the importance of selecting a variety by region.
Sorry, file was to big to post and all I could do was post the link.