Little tip for seeding PTT

Jordan Selsor

5 year old buck +
Tip is leave your IPHONE in the truck! Mine was in my pocket and I got 2 PTT seeds lodged in the charging port. I had to use a safety pin to get them out and it was still a bear!
The nitrogen from 19 19 20 fits perfect in an iPhone 4 s
Headphone port and rye seed will wedge nicely in the charge port
I have 2 flip phones that were set to vibrate out in my woods some ware. Lost them years ago before GPS were build into every thing.
Another reason not to buy an Apple
buy an apple and you get a lemon :)
Well, I didn't listen to your advice and lost my phone while planting brassicas least it was my blackberry and not my Iphone...I'm sure I'll find it about October when I'm stumbling down the trail...