Liming on top of a seeded brassica plot.


Yearling... With promise
I have been playing phone tag with my local lime guy and he finally called me back after his vacation.I wanted to spread 5 tons of ag lime on my brassica Before i disced/cultipacked and seeded them.It was getting late to plant for my area, so i went ahead and planted.My lime guy told me he is now available to spread it.I planted 5 days ago and im starting to see tiny sprouts.Can i lime on top of my plots now or will they be burned by the Ag lime??got some rain forcast in 2 days.Any thoughts????.......................My PH is in the neighborhhood of 5.9 give or take.thks,Mike
LIME it now
Got about 1.3 acres of plots.gunna have him spread half on the plots and the other half into my small orchard and front and back lawn
Go for it. Your brassicas aren't up high enough to do any damage. Even if you do you'll gain more by liming.
Heck I run a sprayer over 12 inch corn and it bounces right back. I'd think an itty bitty brassicas would shrug it right off.