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Owl City

Hi been lurking around the other site for awhile now, and see all the guys I enjoy gaining knowledge from jumped ship here. So what the hell I signed up too. I own 80 acres in central WI, that I also live on with my wife and two daughters. I enjoy hunting but love everything else that goes with land improvements. I also am an avid hound hunter chasing bear, cats and yotes. I know some frown on dog hunters, but don't bash it till you try it.
Welcome to the site. I think you will enjoy it.
Welcome to the team!! Where at in Central WI? Odds are someone here is close to you.
Welcome! I live on my hunting ground in central Minnesota with my wife and two daughters.
Welcome aboard. It's a great site.
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I might be close to you... I'm in Chippewa Falls.

Welcome to the site.


I live right on the marathon, wood county line, just north of Auburndale
About 50 miles north of me. You have decent ground up there or beach sand like some of us?
How many yotes you guys knock down this winter? We ended up with 45, and still plenty out there. We run waupaca, marathon, and portage county. There are 3 other groups within 15 miles that hunt too. It is a blast. This was the last one of the season, a couple weeks ago. A fat female ready to have a litter of pups.

You haven't lived till you have to pull a dog from a 400 pound biting, swatting pissed off black bear.
Welcome to the site - it is like a breath of fresh air! I am also central wi but located southwest of plover. Some of the ground is very sandy with some dark rich soil in spots.

:D thumbs up on the hounds!
I live right on the marathon, wood county line, just north of Auburndale
My property is Clark Co. but I live just North of Marshfield. Were real close.
Welcom aboard Owl City
No sand here, just clay. Dipper this was a down year for us, we put the hurtin on yotes the last few years. We had to much snow, they didn't move much, and then when we find one they caught right away. Have to run the big yotes!!!!!!!
Welcome to the Force!!!