I found Waldo....


5 year old buck +
I've been hoping all year this buck would show up and he finally showed up during gun season here in Wisconsin. Last year we figured he was close to 140 as a 3 year old and we believe he is around 160 this year as a 4 year old. Now if he survived the last 3 days of gun season and survives the late season he could become an absolute giant typical next year. Praying he makes it :) The last picture is a buck we call The General. He's 9 this year and survived opening weekend at least.


The General:
Really nice buck but is far from 160. Hope he makes it for you.
Dipper what do you think he gross scores then? I have a 150 class 10 on my wall and Waldo is bigger than him and my cousin shot this buck below on November 29th and he scores 142. Waldo is far bigger than the one my cousin shot.

some really nice deer you have there! waldo looks like a tank...great mass too! any sheds from him?
I don't see Waldo being much bigger than your cousins buck. 150
Nope no sheds.
Nice buck, brother - no matter what the score is! Thanks for the pix.