How to secure a tower stand on soft ground?


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I’ve got a location I would like to put up a tower stand that is next to a wet area so the ground is soft. The stand will be tall, probably 20’ to the base. How would you secure it to the ground? I could auger 4’ footings and sink the 4x4s into the concrete but I’m not certain how the wood would hold up in concrete. How else could I secure the base to the ground?
Make a base that sits above the ground, then use guy lines and screw anchors to hold it firm.

A 2x6 on edge with a 2x4 screwed to the corner making an L would work and be easier than pouring columns. Also easier to move if you needed to.
One concern I have is wind. I’m out in Ag country with open fields and the wind can really blow. It’s not uncommon to have 50+ MPH gusts. I’m thinking I need at least two anchors attached to footings in the ground. I was thinking I could use a long threaded bolt buried in the concrete, attach a chain through the bolt and to the leg of the stand and use a lock nut to tighten the chain to the bolt. Using a bolt would allow me secure the leg to the footing without burring the leg post in concrete.
The anchors I used are called huricane ancors. They come in different lenghts I believe up to 4' long. Get these screwed in all the way and they will live up to their name.
Hurricane anchors are used to hold down mobile homes. They are required by lenders now. They should work.
Hurricane anchors are used to hold down mobile homes. They are required by lenders now. They should work.
^ said....IF you get the hurricane anchors well won't pull 'em out very easily.
I'm going to have to look at these hurricane anchors.

Thanks guys!
Fleet Farm has anchors that'll work. They're under $20/ea for the long ones and will do well to hold your stand secure.

Same principle used by trappers now with disposable stakes. You can get them back out, but you'll need a shovel. Pulling laterally, they're extremely strong.
Have used the anchors on all my tower stands and they have endured 60 mph winds. Make sure to look at the 36" length.
I will support the ground anchors/hurricane anchors as well. Mine isn't very tall, but we get a good amount of wind as well. I connected mine with cable and cable hardware to be able to really put some tension on it. With soft ground you will want something to distribute as much weight as possible so the biger the support surface the better it will reduce the chance of your stand sinking into the soft ground. I put my anchors on each corner. Like my redneck tower structure? - yep old building scaffolding - hey it works, I have it so I use it!
Looks good. Anchors in each corner may be a little over kill. I attached aircraft cable to each corner of the blind and used 2 anchors.
Over kill - what's that? I built it myself, put it up by myself and would have to fix/repair it by myself - not overkill - INSURANCE!!!
Got ya
The two anchor system may be sufficient depending what the land is like and how the wind impacts the site.

Wind proof is different than tornado proof. As was said, it's a matter of how you look at it. If I spent a couple days building a tower, I'd spend another $40 on anchors and cable to keep it from tipping. EF5 might wipe it out anyway, but maybe a EF1 wouldn't knock it over. This falls under the ounce of prevention in my mind.
On soft ground I put a full length green treated 2x6 under my stand feet to distribute weight as mentioned before. Just secure the legs to the 2x6 and it won't sink or rock loose. It has worked for me.
I used the good anchors on mine, plus drove t-posts next to two of the posts, drilled both out and bolted them together. I get some really strong winds up on the hill where it sits, and it's rock solid.