How long before frost seeded clover comes up?


Yearling... With promise
So how long will it take frost seeded Alta Swede clover to germinate? I am in south east mn and soil temp is nearing 50.

The reason I ask is the grass, in last years lickcreek brassica field, where I put the frost seeded clover is growing. I was hoping I can get the grass with round up before the clover germinates... and there is no sign of the clover popping up as of last night... wife said i looked like I was looking for a contact in the food plot..

Any Thoughts would be appreciated..
Hammer that young grass with cleth and don't worry about your clover.
Last year I frost seeded April 20 and it sprouted May 9th. Yes I still had snow on the ground and freezing temps when I frost seeded.
I seeded some clover on top of the snow two weeks ago, I guessing a day or two after this rain coming tomorrow, it will be up.
I frost seeded a half acre a couple weeks ago.As of today I can see it comming through the soil..
I hit it with roundup on Thursday after scouring it for clover..... yesterday I could see the clover starting to pop....

Thanks for the cleth idea (I did a bit of research and like that idea) any leads on where to buy it...... my coop didnt stock it here in se mn
MoBuckChaser has it for sale on this site, send him a PM. Not a bad price, even delivered.
Frost seeded clover is starting to pop in west central Illinois. I'm sure after getting this rain and a few more warm days it will really start to grow.
Spend a little time on hand and knee....look for very small two leafed seedlings....then follow that down to the seed.....the seed should look like what you planted....a buff colored oval or kidney shape.

Anytime now.....but spring seems to be running later than normal.
Mine is just starting to peak through in Virginia