How do you manage your ATV Implement Wiring?


5 year old buck +
I’m looking for ideas on how to better manage the wiring for my ATV accessories. I’d like to find a method to have one connection to my battery which is in a tuff to get to location and then have a central hub where I can connect different accessories (spreaders, sprayers etc.). I’d also like to build some additional 12 volt switches with pigtails so I have extras in case I break a connection.

What have others developed or found that helps simplify managing your 12 volt accessories/systems?
I use a separate battery that I strap to the front or back rack and connect direct to it.
I installed a 6 pole round plug on the back of my ranger. Then put the male 6 pole round on anything that needs power.

The ranger dash had rectangles I cut out and fit factory switches into them. Works slick, looks good, and most importantly it's reliable.

Did really close to what John did.
I have a battery tender pigtail hard wired to my battery for charging. I bought extra connectors and spliced them onto my 12v equipment so I just plug them in.
I use a separate battery that I strap to the front or back rack and connect direct to it.
^ This is what I have been doing. A small 12 volt battery is pretty in-expensive and wont suck the juice out of my smaller ATV Battery.
What kind of equipment are you running? I run a Herd Seeder and sprayer off mine. I have a fused harness coming off my battery into the access panel at the rear of the atv.
I run a 12 volt Earthway broadcast spreader, FIMCO sprayer and a Kolpin 3 point hitch. I would like to have a central point away from the battery to hook up power.

Ohio Darwin, what does the battery tender pigtail look like? Where did you buy your harness?
I have run an Earthway spreader in the past, and to this day run my Fimco sprayer off a 12v gel cell strapped to the rack on my ATV. Works just fine.
I just use my cigarette lighter on my dashboard of my Kawasaki Mule.
I snapped a picture of my setup the other day when I put the sprayer on the ranger... It isn't a great picture, but you should be able to tell what I did:

Nice John, I like that. I'm thinking I'll be rigging all of my equipment this fall in a similar fashion. One complaint I have for the manufactures of sprayers and spreaders is their wiring harness they put on their units, the fittings are not built to hold up.

I need to also rig up a few extra wire harnesses so I have extras. I need to look for and find a switch I like. The best switch and wiring I have is my Fimco sprayer which works OK I just need to add the plug.