Healthy Forests Reserve Program


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Has anybody dealt with this program before? I have been looking for programs to help pay to offset some of the habitat work costs, and saw this last year.

On the website it states it's a 10 year program, so it's not too long. Obviously I'd like to keep the gov out of the picture, but if I can use my property the way I currently am and plan on using it for the next 10 years than I don't see why not. If the payout is minimal I won't consider it, but if there is some merit and I can help the critters in the woods I'll consider.

A coworker said that his uncle is in a program that he just re-enrolled in his woods where all he has to do is maintain the clover planted in the trails and he gets $10/acre. That seems like a nice deal. Wondering if there are any other forested driven programs that others have used/are using that can help the land and the wallet.
Look up the sustainable forest incentive act.
Helps the property taxes.
there is another property tax program but i am failing to recall the name of it.

Call your local forestry office. They should have some info.

Both of them end up reducing your property taxes about 25% i believe.
I've heard of it, I think it is meant to help pay part or all of the property tax