Hazelnut trees


5 year old buck +
I ordered some American hazelnut trees and recieved them today. I was looking to add some diversity to my property and didn't think about this but do you have to plant them in groups for pollenation? If you do how close should they be planted. Thanks in advance.
Yes they need to be in close proximity to each other. I was told you need genetic diversity as well to get the best pollination. Meaning if the plants are siblings they dont pollinate each other.
Thanks for the info! I plan on planting tomorrow and will keep this in mind while planting.
I found gentleman close to me selling Hazelnut trees, they were reasonable so I bought some tonight. When I arrived home I found another present on our porch, my shipment of trees so the rest of my week is planned.



Looks like you're going to be busy!! - are you tubing or caging the hazel nuts?

Happy planting..;)
Both, I just bought 50 tree tubes but I hadn't planned on my latest purchase so most are going to be caged.
Planted all the Hazelnuts I bought this last week, most were this size.

Those Hazelnuts look good. I got mine from MDC this past week, I cant say I was overly impressed.
I found a guy on CL and he had 1yr about 24" or 2yr 36", I went with the 36", not too bad to plant.
I found a guy on CL and he had 1yr about 24" or 2yr 36", I went with the 36", not too bad to plant.

Nice - good find!! Are you going to let them grow as a bush or prune to form a small tree? The one's I've planted have not yet extended beyond the 5 ft. tube.
I guess my game plan is to do a little of both. I caged some and I also tubed a couple, where I planted the caged ones I'm also trying to use them as a screen. The guy I bought these from has a youtube video,
, he also had a bunch and I believe he was willing to ship them.
Thanks for posting the youtube video!! - very interesting...;)
Where is this grower located? Might have to get a few from him next year.
Are you talking the American hazelnut bush or the commercially grown trees. If it is the brush, I got 100 acres that you can dig up thousands if you want. The deer browse them and they produce great cover , but the good is really not consumed by deer. The squirrels and chipmunks live them and try bears go crazy over them. They eat the husks and all. Mine don't get much over 10 foot tall. My uncle says we have 2 kinds native to our area. I personally can't tell the difference in them.
I'm sorry about the name of this thread but it started out because I had 10 American Hazelnuts coming from Coldstream and then I switched gears and went to what I found on Craigslist. I think I'll just change it to Hazelnut trees. I'm sure the guy told me the name of these trees but I can't remember it.
The trees look a lot different than the shrubs we have in Minnesota and the nuts on the trees are a lot bigger as well.
I was given a dozen or two American Hazelnut germinated seeds. He didn't know if they were Shagbark or Shellbark. If someone wants to pay for shipping, you can have them.
Oops, misread. Just tryin to get rid of them!
With all the cold weather here in Michigan the Hazelnut trees I planted are finally starting to bud out.