5 year old buck +
not from a trail cam, but I took these a few weeks ago while hunting.

MMMmmm....grouse, tasty!
cool pic! they are tasty little critters!
I have never had brush chicken. I've been anxious to do so. I carried my .22 mares leg for a few sits this fall, never saw one. Brother and I pick stands for the one morning, and he has 5 right in front of him.

Go figure. Cool pic!
Grouse are strange sometimes. This past Oct. I was loading firewood onto some pallets for storage ( next year's wood ) which are right next to a thicket of Hawthorns. I was loading & stacking for some time - not being quiet in any way - when suddenly a grouse exploded out of the haws about 15' from me. I was watching where it flew and #2 rocketed out of there! They were content to keep feeding on the red haw berries while I was stacking wood right there next to them. Orange/red leaves hadn't fallen yet so I couldn't see them in the trees. Like SD51555 said above - ^^^^^ go figure !!