GREAT Mn taxidermists


5 year old buck +
Can anyone recommend a awesome taxidermists? The guy I have gone to in the past has done 5 heads for our family over the years. There is no question they are going to be perfect when you get them back. Absolutely flawless. The negative thing about him is he charges $700, takes 11/2-2 years to get it back, and seems burnt out with what he's doing. He does the fleshing himself so I do like that. Looking for options. I do not want to get a head back that looks like it's been sitting in a bar for 50 years. I'm willing to pay the same if the finished product is as good or better. I have used taxidermy unlimited for a bear and I think their pricing, professionalism, and finished product was what I was looking for, but I want to check other options before I commit to them. Fussy?? I guess I am.
Little Bit of Nature Taxidermy
1890 Highway 65
Mora, MN 55051 - View Map
Phone: (320) 679-0334
Rick Rogers

Last years deer took 5 months and was $475, also looks great!
I use Dewey's Taxidermy in Wadena for all of my mounts. They have all turned out nice. My buck last year cost me $507 to give you an idea of the cost. Usually takes about a year maybe a touch less.
I've seen allot of good work in MN. There is also some hacks. Had work done by a few. Most notable for me are Jeff Holmen's North Star Taxidermy in Nicollet MN. Also in Nicollet is a long-time area favorite Dale Selby Taxidermy. I had a deer done years ago by Gulden Taxidermy in Rochester MN.....He does beautiful work. There are many other fine shops doing quality a location near you. The bad taxidermists won't have a nice shop, a show-room, and a long-time list of customers.
I have been using Jim Willard, Willard's Taxidermy. His work is great but he's a bit spendy and is located in SEMN which could be an issue depending on where you live.
I didn't think there was enough work in Minnesota for there to be a good taxidermist.
I didn't think there was enough work in Minnesota for there to be a good taxidermist.

Haha, good point. I can't speak for the others but my mounts are all from Iowa or Missouri.