GP/LP 3P600 or 3P606NT user thread

I cannot help much on the teetering 3P500/600 as I have a 3P606NT and I am sure the front cutter discs do some stabilizing on mine that would be absent from the 500/600
This next part might just be a foolish statement ..but keep in mind that I am in black river bottoms soil but I am to the point where I keep the drive tire one hole from the bottom and keep the tee handles as the depth control which generally keeps the press wheels with some weight of the machine bearing on the press wheels and I would think to a degree certainly somewhat counter teeter on the 500/600 and 606NT
With the above as I am switching seeds n mixes about the only change from seed to seed/mix is seed cup gate setting and feed rate setting ..very occasionally I get out of 2nd gear to first gear on the gear box but 2nd gear is doing the Lion's share of the work ..