Gotta get me a tiller!


used a tiller for my tractor for the first time ever to plant my fall plots this weekend - and it was awesome. Cut my time in half and still produced a better seed bed than if I had done my old, plow, disc, drag method. Tilled - one pass, broadcast peas, radish, turnip, wheat and rye and then drove the tractor over it all to pack the soil. Worked awesome. I gotta key tabs on this tiller - don't need to buy it, just need to be able to borrow it when I need it!
Lucky you, I just hope your luck holds out & it doesn't break when your using it.
Tillers are the real deal. One are DONE!
Had real good luck with this one - King Kutter brand 6' I think. I planted roughly an acre and a half without issue. Cleaned it all up and it's back where I borrowed it from. The ground was even damp to the point I would have had issues with the soil sticking to my disc blades if I had gone that route. One pass, broadcast seed and then run the tractor over it all and last night and today we get a good rain. The thing that really got me is how nice the soil bed is with these. I would have to make several passes with my disc and drag to come even close. It's slow going and something deep inside me say's "speed up". But I didn't and I still saved time. Planted winter peas, radishes, turnips,wheat and rye. I found a few rocks but no harm (nothing bigger than my hand) - I tossed them aside and kept going. Would have taken pics, but my cell was dead. Now if Ican get this "crick" out of my neck from being turned around on the tractor most of the time - man getting old sucks but it beats the alturnative!
This year did something different. I had tilled my plots and got a hard rain on them before I could plant. Soil dried with a crusty top, set the tiller very shallow after broadcasting rye and went over the ground quickly with it working the seed in and breaking up the crust. I then broadcast my clovers and radishes on the worked seed bed and followed up by cultipacking the plot. The plot has come up extremely even and well. Very pleased with the results. both the rye and clovers are coming up nicely.
I hope to have one for next yr myself! Even if it means parting ways with a couple guns to make it happen!
I used a box blade with teeth this yr an that worked sweet too though!
Keep me in mind if you do this time! I could use another AR!
Will do Mo.
Cousin still hasn't paid me for that AR on 308 platform:confused:
We have a 6ft tiller and love it. The only downside is if you want to incorporate something rather quickly it is more difficult with a tiller than a harrow or disk. Two of the best pieces of equipment are a tiller and spring tooth harrow. In my opinion...
I just bought a brand new country line from tractor supply, the country line brand is made by king cutter. $1500.00 + tax for a 5 footer. I'll be using it this weekend and I'm excited to put it to work.