Goldrush apple hardiness


5 year old buck +
Has anyone had problems with goldrush apple not being winter hardy? I planted 5 last spring on B118 rootstock and they all seemed to have winter killed. They were some of the fastest growers I had but none of them made it this year. They are in different locations too. Has anyone else seen this?
I can add this bit of knowledge. I received some Goldrush scions for grafting from your area and they seemed to almost all have been dead. I would guess the severe winter last year either killed young trees and/or caused tip die back on some Goldrush.
Hopefully the B118 give me some shoots to graft onto next spring.
I never grew any because they will not mature here.
I'm in mid-coast Maine and I have two Goldrush (one on B118 and one on MM106); both survived -20 and a lot of -10+ nights last winter.
i have 4 gold rush that made it thru our severe winter last year without a problem, the same winter killed several of my sweet cherry trees and hundreds at a nearby orchard.
I have some 4 (B.118) and 5 (MM.111) year old goldrush trees that seem to be doing OK. I may have had some tip die back but nothing noticeable on the trees really, i'll look again this weekend. I sent out some scion wood that may have had some issues, but I grafted successfully one W&T graft and one tree I top worked successfully with the same would so it must have been hit or miss.

I too received some wood that I think was dead upon arrival, also from central Wisconsin. I did notice some scions had brown centers, and maybe those were the bad ones. I guess thats always a bit of a risk after a winter as severe as the one we just had.

Here's a goldrush grafted in May. Doing great.
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If they survived 3-4 weeks of -20 to -28 and another 3-4 weeks of 0 to -10+ I'd consider planting them here o_O

I hope I never see another winter like last year (coldest on record around here for 115 years as I recall reading), but I don't want to mess around with trees that may die come the next severe one we get. Zone 3 trees for the most part for me from now on

I have seen two colder winters, but maybe the cold spells did not last as long.

What zone 3 varieties are you looking at?
Was that the Hudson's Golden Gem Ed? I think I had some tip die-back on that this year.

yeah, HGG.

both freedoms were good and sweet 16. sweet 16 grafts have some car spots on them BTW. Fireside a few spots too.
I have a hard copy of that Mn. bulletin that I used when I first started planting apples about 25 years ago.
I just put a Nova Easy Gro in the ground this year.

Badgers list interests me, but not sure about any prairie spy any more. Red prairie spy is probably coming out.

last night I was looking at Trail, Shafer, collet, H. golden gem,Rescue. I would like to have a whitney.

Does anyone have info on CAR with the above apples or with wolf river?
I did not see any CAR on my wolf river trees today. I'm still updating my pics from todays trip but i'll be posting some pics of CAR this afternoon/evening. There seemed to be a fair amount on some of my trees, nothing to worry me or think it could be fatal, but we've had a lot of moisture this year so i think that is probably pushing more car out. The last CAR i saw on our farm was in 2011 on a Goldrush tree.
I'll check my wolf river and HGG this afternoon Sandbur for CAR. I don't think they've had any issues but I don't have a ton of cedars nearby either.
I might be interested in some scion in the spring if you have any available.. I've got quite a few water sprouts on my crab apples this year. Chestnut crab produces tons of them.
I realize that red prairie spy is not prairie spy.

I looked at my kerr crab and it has not shown any CAR, yet.
SMSmith - SLN has Prairie Spy listed in this past spring's catalog. I got one from them & it's in the ground doing well.
Sandbur - How's your Kerr crab growing for you? I see you said ^^^ you didn't see any CAR on it yet. I want to get 2 Kerr for our camp in northern Pa. for next spring & was wondering what you think of yours so far. I know you're a crab guy. We have 15 or so crabs planted now in good stand spots, but I'm looking to add a few more varieties yet.
My kerr are only on second leaf. They are doing OK.

What crabs do you have planted? I would try and get a variety of drop times for those crab apples.
My 3rd leaf B.118 Kerr look pretty good. I would say the apples are about ping pong ball sized.
Nice picture, Ed. Let me know how they taste.
Ed - Good looking tree & crabapples.
Bur - We have a variety of crabs planted w/different drop times. Dolgo, Centennial, Centurion, Trailman, Chestnut, Whitney, Hyslop, Nova Scotia, All-Winter-Hangover, and a half dozen un-named red & yellow crabs we got from our Game Commission. The un-named ones get apples no more than 3/4" dia. The earliest ones ripen late Aug. & the last ones ripen late Sept./ early Oct. and some hang on the trees most of the winter. Most of the grafted ones are in the ground 2 or 3 yrs. so we're looking to document the ripening times & drop times. I'm gonna get 2 Kerr & another All-Winter-Hangover or a Violi's hanging crab for next spring.