Found some names I recognize


5 year old buck +
Been searching for some of you for a few months miss your posts and following your projects on your land. I'm
hopeful this turns out to be an enjoyable site

Welcome Mike. Definitely enjoyable here.
Had to pm AD to find it.
Welcome Mike. Very enjoyable site.
Welcome, Mike. Some of the old crew here.
Welcome aboard fuldraw, glad you joined.
Welcome back to the discussion. You're gonna like it here.
Welcome Mike, Lots of good info and helpful members here...;)
Welcome, lots of us from the darkside are here. You can thank John he did wonders for us by starting this site.

Thanks for the welcomes
looks like a great place to hang my hat and enjoy the ride .
Glad to see another MO boy on here fuldraw! Im enjoying this place and Im sure you will too!
This site is all the knowledge with none of the BS. You will like it. (Unless you're shopping for whole life insurance. ;))
Welcome - yep, lots of familiar "faces" here depending on where you trolled before.
And Real World Products!;)

Or Covert! I called them out on their obvious guerrilla marketing the other day and the feigned indignation was laughable, especially the way it was eaten up by the sheep over there. "Oh Pat, please don't leave..."
We need a few more michigan boys on this site. Big eight would be a good addition.