First total failure....


Yearling... With promise
Ive been planting stuff in my small plots for years. Ive always had decent success......

Last fall I reworked half of my plots and planted clover with a cover of winter rye and oats, just as I have done in the past. My area is a couple weeks behind in growing season so I always give it a little bit of time before I give up on my clover. Well, this year was a total failure. I checked all of the areas I planted last year and almost ZERO clover coming up. I was shocked. I planted etc the same as I always have so Im not sure what happened if it was bad seed or what. The only other thing I could think of is that my cover crop came in pretty heavy last fall. Wondering if that killed the young clover trying to start.
That bites !!
What type of Clover was it? Most Clovers are usually pretty hardy.
My local Ag store had bulk Imperial Whitetail at great prices compared to the pre-packaged stuff. Im now wondering why the great prices!! I wondered if the rye/oats were on the heavy side in the fall and crowded the clover out but like I said, I did it the same as past years so Im at a loss as to what happened. Just means I will be double busy this year I guess!
MoBuck, yes, they were old plots that had more weeds than clover so I redid them along with nurse crops.

NH Mountains, If I hadnt already had successful clover in those spots Id give it some time and see but this is just totally unusual!
The only thing I dont generally repeat is brassica. I do a couple years and then rotate.