First food plot deer


5 year old buck +
Well after three years of food plotting it finally paid off. My buddy connected on a mature doe in one of my lush clover plots. This is the first deer we have actually shot in the plots. It was one of the does I wanted taken. I have watched this one and another for three years, neither one has ever had a fawn. They live on the front of our property and blow every time you step foot in the woods. It was his third year coming up to hunt and this was the first deer he has seen. He made a great double lung shot at 42 yards. The deer made it about 75 yards and we let my new pup trail the last 25 yards. It was great to see him have success. He was so excited about the stand location,food plot, and how the hunt unfolded.


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Congrats chummer. Sounds like you took out an old maid that needed to go.
Way to go!
Nice job on the plots and congrats on the doe. Must feel good to see results from the work, Chummer?
I know the feeling of the work and the wait. Congrats to you & your buddy. It the one you'll never forget. :)
Well done Chummer, congrats.
Another old doe never to blow again.