Fire guard preparation

Doug Galloway

5 year old buck +
According to the Noble foundation habitat planning is the time to begin mowing to prepare fire guards/buffers for 2015 prescribed fire. The mower/treader we choice weighs about 60,ooo lbs! Needed to move the herd across the property so took 30 min to put in this narrow paddock with single hot wire which is a lil over 1/4th mile long. Left them there from about 9 am to 7 pm....while I spent the rest of the day doing other chores. They did pretty good on their first try at this.

The goal is reduce fuel loads from warm season plants and encourage cool season plants on the downwind edge of the unit. Need to spray the fence row and that is it! We do the same thing a couple more times before the burn....I am really starting to enjoy the cow tool!