Finally! 1st Turkey

Chasing turkeys in sw mn is a lot like antelope hunting. A lot of glassing and stalking through short grass with the occasional tree to hide behind.
congrats! nice bird! After years of trying I finally killed my first gobbler last year. Our season starts in 6 more days....i'm ready to rock!
Way to go ,Riggs!

I have not hunted them, yet.
Congratulations on a nice bird. How are you going to cook it? It's hard to go wrong with smoking or deep frying!
Nice bird congrats!!
Thanks guys. Probably will smoke him but I do like them deep fried as well. I've been chasing these dang birds for too many years without connecting so it's nice to finally get one.
Congrats. Nice bird.
Congrats on your first bird! Well Done! 3 more weeks for me.:(
Well done on your first bird! Congrats
Good Luck guys that have yet to hunt. Hope you have better weather, we hunted in 35 mph winds and rain.
Congrats! Nice bird.
Well done.
i'm gonna get up early tomorrow and go do some listening for birds! hoping to pin point a few for this coming saturday..opening day!
Congrats on your first bird. I have managed to only shoot 2 in 10 years with limited time and low bird population but it sure is fun.
Here's a couple of bonus finds while turkey hunting.
Good shootin'...;)