Fertilizing Elderberries


5 year old buck +
I planted 50 Elderberries last year in an attempt to start a hedge/screen along a property line. Last year's late season drought was hard on them, but all came back this year and are doing well with all the rain. I was planning on applying 10.10.10 granular fertilizer this weekend - any problems with this application? They are all in a very sandy soil - should I add lime too?

Thanks for your thoughts!
The elderberries that I have planted and fertilized are several times larger than the ones I've done nothing to. I've used 10-10-10, fertilizer spikes, and even miracle grow style plant food that you mix with water and apply with a sprinkling can. Lime won't hurt either, I have thrown some pellets around a time or two.
Thanks for the reply Bueller, I appreciate your feedback!