5 year old buck +
Who as seen fawns this year? No tracks = no deer!
We've seen zero fawns, one button buck, and our doe sightings are even way down.
I've seen 4 so far on my place. Coyote may have got one of them though.
We have a couple does with twins and more with singles. Our buck numbers are down, and way behind in horn development, similar to last year.
No fawns for me yet either but i have got several coyote pics :mad:
I have one fawn that I'm getting pics of. No pic's but I did see a bear track yesterday.
Saw a few fawns on our home 10 earlier this year but none in about 3 weeks. Have been seeing coyotes and I gave 1 a dirt knap at 120 yards with a .22 long rifle yesterday... lucky offhand shot hit him just below the ear from the side... very mangey...

On our N 80 I have seen several fawns and get pictures of does and fawns quite often... also getting a lot of bobcat pictures...