Fast growing, Late dropping Oaks ( for the Midwest)??


5 year old buck +
I am looking to plant some variety of oak that will drop later than the usuial suspects (Sawtooth)....these would be planted in SE Ohio (Zone 6) in old fields that have a PH of about 5.5. The soil is pretty much clay and won't ever be under water.....moist in spring, and dry in late summer.
Any ideas? Seems like nuttall would work, but not sure about growth rate or if they are even practical in Ohio?
Everyone must be out planting!!

I have read that some Sawtooth strains can drop into November if they are from the right souce.....does anyone have a souce of a tree like that?
Tommy is your guy he goes under theLLC on qdma forum an I think Thunter here. He has late dropping sawtooths as well as Saul oaks. Saul is a hybrid white oak/chestnut oak that can produce early. They are BIG sweet acorns! He got a bunch to me last fall. Great guy