Farmers Alamanac: Brutal Winter Coming

Yep, winter is gonna be cold, really cold ... wondering if they are forecasting snow too? :rolleyes:
Weather guru down here in Chicago says that El Nino is developing. Translation= strong zonal (west to east) jet stream that brings mild and dry weather to most of the US, and frequent stroms from Southern California to the Gulf States.
Likelyhood of El Nino by late fall was said to be at 78% the other day. This guy is one of the best at long term pattern predictions. So I figure that puts his reliability at plus or minus 12% :confused:
Only time will tell. I just hope it isn't to bad.
Al told me it was going to get warmer every year til we cooked or drowned.

I'd like cold with no snow. Freeze some stinkin ticks before the snow insulates them.