Exiting stands without spooking deer?

Turkey Creek

5 year old buck +
I generally dont have a problem bumping deer when I climb down from a stand. However, tonight a buck just wanted to hang around, I started to wonder how to exit without spooking the deer? Luckily the buck finally wandered off. Anybody have a good method for getting deer to depart without cluing them into your stand location. I generally do not have someone close enough to drive in and spook the deer off with a vehicle or atv.
I will bark like a dog if I have too!
I read that one guy used a sling shot and marbles to make a distant noise.
I hate bumping deer off plots too! Im trying to focus more on hunting the travel routes to the food sources this yr. Its tough because I love sitting on the plots where I can see a large area and also enjoy seeing the deer feasting on what we have created. Hunting the travel corridors makes it easier not to clear the food plots and keep the deer unpressured
You all may think I'm crazy but when I don't have someone that can drive to me. I've been known to bring a fox pro electronic call with me. I set it up in the open on my way in and when I have to go I hit the remote to make it bark like a pair of yotes.

Clears the area pretty quick and they are always looking away from me before bolting.
I read that one guy used a sling shot and marbles to make a distant noise.
I've done this or kept a small rock in my pocket to throw.
I start with loud "who cooks for you" barred owl calls. 7 times out of 10 if I do them loud enough the deer get agitated and kind of just wander off.
I just throw my seat cushion down and that will usually get the deer to get off the field. Sometimes it intrigues them more and you need to give them a good coyote howl.
I toss walnuts!
We have had so much pressure on deer where I live that we seldom see deer on plots or fields.
I do better hunting the travel lanes between plots.
I toss walnuts!
That would work. Since my stand is in a tall, old walnut tree! Some interesting approaches to the problem. This stand is in a travel corridor along a still standing cornfield. I generally dont hunt fields or plots at this time, but I hope to in the future.