Dunstan pruning


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A couple years ago we planted 20 bare-root Dunstans, followed by another 15 potted Dunstans last year, and 18 homegrown specials this year. The first couple years the bareroots didn't do much, and I thought this past winter was a test for hardiness. They survived it fine and are really taking off this year.

My question is with management going forward. Are you guys pruning them to a central leader like apples, or just letting them go? No burrs yet, but I think next year could be the first.
Thanks NH, I never thought to look at their trees. Almost time to to order some chestnuts from them. I guess maybe I'll take off a couple of branches a year for a few years until they're above the cages. You may have seen it before, but there is a really nice segment on PBS about Chestnut Ridge, btw.
I don't know how to post a link but it's on youtube--search Illinois Stories Chestnut Ridge. Nice program.
Thanks for posting that! Man, I wish we could get dunstans to grow up in MN! I have two American trees that survived the winter....but I think the only reason was because they were protected from the cold underneath a couple of feet of snow!
My dunstans are growing like weeds in sandy central wisconsin. I need to plant some more.

I'm not pruning these at all. I am letting them grow bushy and put out as much vegetation as possible.



Great girth too