Determining Plot Size


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I just loaded Planimeter - GPS it's a measuring app to measure distance or area to my phone.
I'm wondering if anyone has used it to measure their plots. I could have used my GPS but I always have my phone with me. I'll post my finding once I put it to use.
It works great! I thought I had 20 acres of field an this lemme know I only have 10 lol.
I think it gets you close but I'm not sold 100% on its accuracy. I put in a plot this spring. Planimeter said it was 3 acres, the meter on my drill said 2 acres. One of them is off.
I think it's pretty accurate. Fish & Wildlife told me how many acres my duck pond field is, and planimeter showed the same.
I've used the GIS maps supplied by our county governments on my desktop and it's accuracy is AMAZING. After having a field actually measured on the ground, it came out as 0.754 acres. GIS showed it at 0.75 and that was probably because at the scale I couldn't click EXACTLY on the field edge. amazing what they can do these days.
I use planimeter too. I think its very close to accurate.
Thanks. The reviews said it was accurate and for less than $5 I figured you couldn't go wrong.
I got it free..... are u talking a phone app?
I measured the plot today with the phone app and my GPS. The phone app gave me .46 acre and the GPS .4. I'd have to say it's really close or at least close enough for me.
I do mine old school. "Brother, grab that end of the tape." However, my plots are tiny, so we're measuring feet by feet to figure out if we've got quarters or eighths or something in between. I've also used the old wagon wheel foot counter.
I'm by myself so I just walk the edge. I use to use the gps but always forget to take it. I always have the phone. I've gotten close with the range finder but my plots are odd shaped.
Or just use a range finder SD1555
if i take a slightly longer than normal walking stride, I'm at pretty much one yard. My plots are small, so I walk the margins, convert to feet, calculate the square footage and then I divide by the number of sq ft in an acre. for the irregular shaped plots i divide them up into square or rectangular sections and calculate sq ft of each section then add it all up. My total acreage right now is .41 according to my step off calculation, I checked it with planimeter and came up with .431 so I know i'm in the ball park.
Or just use a range finder SD1555
Ain' t got one of them yet. When I get the time to get serious about bow hunting again, I may get one. For now, It's old roofing tools and calculators for me. Range finder is right down by spotting scope on my, "when I have extra money" toy list. Right now I'm saving to get either a boat or a Ridgeline fish house.
daftlogic.Com is a nice tool to measure from a compiter, otherwise I just range it by yards and divide the area by 4840 to get acreage. it's a guesstimate but for irregular plots it may not be the best measurement
I just use the GIS mapping tools on the county's website. Free and pretty darn good for irregular shapes.
I just use the GIS mapping tools on the county's website. Free and pretty darn good for irregular shapes.
Only if the map is current to show the plot. My plot was made about 6 month after the current map photo.
Ours are being updated annually as of late - they're using the aerials for tax assessments and to make sure no ones building without permits. :rolleyes:
I wish ours were updated annually. I have made a lot of changes to the property since I bought it 3 years ago.