CuddeLink Dual Cell Starter Kit 2+1 Model 11414 "ICCID" Problem


Buck Fawn
I have just purchased the CuddeLink Dual Cell Starter Kit 2+1 Model 11414--which includes 1 CuddeLink Dual Cell, Model K-5789 & 2 CuddeLink IR Cameras, Model J-1415. I have created my account through the CuddeBack website, but I have run into a problem when trying to add the new device to my account. When using the Dual Cell K-Camera commands to locate the camera's ICCID# & IMEI#, the camera runs the command, then pops up with a blank ICCID#. If I keep scrolling on that screen, it gives the camera's IMEI# without any problems. However, I have tried everything which I know to try in order to troubleshoot the problem concerning the camera's ICCID#. Does anyone have any solutions or advice?
I saw this problem mentioned on the Cuddelink discussion. I'd call their Customer Service.