1. H

    Too Visible to Deer??

    Getting a lot of Doe activity on the cameras, unfortunately (I think) most of them look like the attached? We have some black flash and some IR.. but this is a mid-day photo... I don't remember this in years past with my older Browning cameras.. Just looking for some reassurance that we won't...
  2. K

    CuddeLink Dual Cell Starter Kit 2+1 Model 11414 "ICCID" Problem

    I have just purchased the CuddeLink Dual Cell Starter Kit 2+1 Model 11414--which includes 1 CuddeLink Dual Cell, Model K-5789 & 2 CuddeLink IR Cameras, Model J-1415. I have created my account through the CuddeBack website, but I have run into a problem when trying to add the new device to my...
  3. Ed Brodt

    Cuddeback/Cuddelink Solar Solution

    A couple of months ago we invested in 4 of the cuddeback/cuddelink cameras. So far we are pleased with the system with the exception of battery usage. This led us to exploring a solar option. A call to Cuddeback customer service revealed that they do not currently have a solar solution for...