1. W

    Cuddelink Cell

    I have a Cuddelink Cell and 2 remote cameras that are brand new, purchased in April 2023. I got them all set up on July 4th and was receiving emails and photos on the app on the 4th and 5th. Along come the 6th and noting. the app now say selected camera does not have remotes attached to it. I...
  2. K

    CuddeLink Dual Cell Starter Kit 2+1 Model 11414 "ICCID" Problem

    I have just purchased the CuddeLink Dual Cell Starter Kit 2+1 Model 11414--which includes 1 CuddeLink Dual Cell, Model K-5789 & 2 CuddeLink IR Cameras, Model J-1415. I have created my account through the CuddeBack website, but I have run into a problem when trying to add the new device to my...
  3. Ed Brodt

    Cuddeback/Cuddelink Solar Solution

    A couple of months ago we invested in 4 of the cuddeback/cuddelink cameras. So far we are pleased with the system with the exception of battery usage. This led us to exploring a solar option. A call to Cuddeback customer service revealed that they do not currently have a solar solution for...