Crush Cam

MA VT Flatlander

5 year old buck +
How many here watch the crush cam? I enjoy watching all the deer and there are some real nice buck's that show up on there. But I can't help but wonder, if it is really good for the deer to be eating corn on that feces and urin infested mud hole around that feeder.
It's all about $, nothing more nothing less.
I've watched it but thats about it. It just reminds me of a high fence.
A high fence is a high fence no matter where it's located.
Watching big deer on other people's land has never done much for me. I've seen the site a couple times, but that's as far as it went.
It's neat to see what nutritional science and complete control over heard balance can do for deer, but it's also a different class of hunting. Right, wrong, or otherwise, I think it's just different from wild hunting where you have less knowledge of how many and what kind of deer you have, as well as where they are going to be. Part of what I believe we enjoy is constant experimenting with different plot blends and methods, as well as different native habitat improvements. Beyond racks and kills, I think we take a great amount of joy in seeing deer bed down in cover we intentionally created, eating in a plot we planted, or standing on two feet to reach an apple/pear/plum/cherry tree that we planted.
indiana? strange that you'll actually see lee filling it up quite frequently. i thought they had it at his mother in laws. anywho... i leave it on while i'm working as kind of background noise.
Where in IN? This is news to me. The High fence place I know in my general area is Tony Stewarts place. When EHD hit us bad 2 years ago it did a number on his place. Yep controled environment and see what science can do - it was like the plague.
You could be right! It is not raining at lee's farm in Iowa right now. And it is raining on the camera right now. Where is the mother in laws?
i thought it was in the same vicinity - no idea though. i watched that camera quite a bit late last season and saw lee filling the feeder a few times. he'd stop and wave to the camera so i assumed it was in ia.
Seems like I also heard it was at the in laws as well