Crimson Clover Progress?


5 year old buck +
I planted crimson clover just under 2 weeks first time with this type of clover. After about 7 days I had some germination. As of today i have alot more germination but it just seems like it has been really slow to take off. Most seedlings are still the little 2 leaf variety and they are anywhere from 1/4" to an 1". Is this about as expected? Do they take some time to put roots down and then really start to take off?

We have had about 2.5" of rain since planting, none of which were "gully washers"...just good steady soakers. I followed recommendations of the soil test. Most of the planted area is an already established plot that has been worked/amended for the past 5 yrs.

Anyone with experience on CC? My plan is to turn this plot into a strip plot of a brassica mix and a small cereal grain mix starting in mid July. What kind of CC growth could i expect to see by the time early july rolls around I start the process of turning the plot into strips?
I frost seeded a clover mix on April 20th of last year

Longevity Clover Mix:
Crimson Clover 41.43%
Ladino CLover 24.54%
White Duch 20.80%
Yuchi Arrow Leaf 12.49%

Beginning of May I had :

This is what I had in mid to late July:

I would expect your results should be better than mine, I did not fertilize or lime or spray.
thanks! I didn't frost seed, i just broadcast directly into a moderately prepared seed bed. It was in brassicas the previous fall/winter. Ran a spring tooth harrow around to scratch it up a bit.
this is what i had as of this morning. Had about a 1/10th of rain fall so far today with more in the forecast next couple of days.

photo 1.JPG