Crazy Electricity Prices! Alternatives?

what are your plans for power useage? There are plenty of people who are happy with some solar panels\battery 12 volt LED lights and a way to charge a phone.

if you plan to run a fridge tv etc then generator idea is a good one.

Pretty much a standard cabin. I know that's not well defined, but here's what we're looking at running.

Fridge, window AC, toaster, TV, DVD, ceiling fan, low wattage lights, a couple phone and fish finder chargers, and one computer. I don't envision we'd ever run it all at once, but even if we did, it looks like as long at the fridge and AC don't try to power on at the same moment I'd have at least 20% excess capacity.
I included a "standby" home generator when we built our house. Pretty affordable these days. I bought mine from WISE SALES.....whom is a large internet dealer. I have a Brigg & Stratton upright model.....and it looks like an A/C unit. It runs on NATURAL GAS......which for me is important. Fuel storage is a huge deal for larger gennys.

I bought the right battery for mine. It starts each week, runs for 20 minutes, and "exercises" and charges the battery. You can buy these with or without a transfer switch.

I also own a small 2000 KW Honda Genny for emergency issues. Sips gas and powers quite a few things. Lots of folks connect two of these together and can live off the grid.

HOWEVER......if you have power avaialbe from the grid.....why would you fool around with the cost of a generator and fuel storage? The power to my shed costs me $11 per month (minimum).
Who is your electricity provider?
Who is your electricity provider?

Crow Wing Power at my deer land. MN Power at my home.

I really got lucky at my deer land. The power line stopped in the middle of my neighbors yard....after coming across the field. He would not have to give me access to his power pole. But he allowed the power company to bury a line for about 300 yards across his property and onto mine.....where I have a box located. I believe I paid the power company $2000 to get my underground line installed. Was a super deal to have power and improved the value of my well as a huge convenience factor.
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