Couple Questions on Cherry/Plum/Peach


5 year old buck +
I planted 1 AM plum and 3 Hardy Apricots in my front yard (all the apples and pears are in the back). The 3 Hardy Apricots are just dead whips now, I don't know why they didn't wake up, but they are dead.

I am thinking I'd like some sweet cherry's to replace 2 of them as I do not think they are self pollinating like the AM Plum is. I don't know anything about Cherry, Plum, or Peach trees. What are good varieties?

If I need 2 Cherry trees, is there a self pollinating type of Peach that I could put in the 4th spot or no? Would plum, cherry, and/or peach cross pollinate?

I planted two Manchurian apricots that were supposed to be hardy to -60. They died and I thought it might be too wet of a location. I planted two more in a better location. They lived two years and then died. That was not this last winter, but the previous winter. I gave up on them.

Wild American plum and farmstead plums seem to be the hardiest. Alderman plum made it through this last winter. Black Ice plum showed some winter damage, but I also dug some root suckers off of it this spring and might have stressed it.