Chinese Chestnut


Owl City

Anyone try any Chinese chestnut trees?
Hello Owl City, Last year I bought 15 bare root Chinese Chestnuts (3 different varieties - all which were reported as hardy to 30 below) from Red Fern in IA. I placed them in 5 gal Root Maker pots and kept them at my home (near Madison) throughout the summer and then planted at my farm in Jackson County in October. They were about 3 - 4 ft. tall when planted using 5 ft. Miracle tubes with a Lumite ground mat. I checked them last week they all had green buds. Time will tell how they will do.
Here's some additional info regarding the Chinese Chestnuts I planted last year. I bought five each of the following varieties: Shotgun, Oxing, and Mossberger from Red Fern. Here's their website: .

Here's a few photo's from last year showing the bare root and fall planting:

Must've been you I discussed CC's with on the other forums 2nd hand :rolleyes: I contacted Red Fern last winter about their hardiest CC's and they informed me they were sold out for '14. I could have put a pre-order in for '15 (and paid for them) but did not

Yep, it was me...;) This year I am trying Dunstan's (probably to many of them)....
I'm trying Dunstans too....I have very little optimism about them making it this far north, but sure hope I'm wrong

I feel the same way - I struggled with the purchase of 100 tree tubes for something I wasn't sure would survive. My plan is to locate the Dunstan's in different areas to see if more or less sun will make a difference with their survival. Good Luck!!
The Mossberger is suppose to be cold tolerant to -40. I wonder if that is true? How large of a tree does the Mossberger produce? I would be interested in giving Chestnuts a try if there is a chance they can make it at my place.