chestnut compatibility with juglone/walnut?


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Does anyone have experience with planting chestnut or chinkapins near walnuts? When I look up lists of juglone tolerance on the web, I get some conflicting info.

We have an area of former pasture that is primarily black walnut trees and open grassy underneath. If it was mowed more, it would look like a park. I do not want to cut to remove the walnuts completely but want to plant in some other trees as I think the walnut. I planted persimmon seedlings this year and plan to add more persimmon and some paw paw next year. Both are listed as shade and juglone tolerant. I am trying to decide if I could/should add chinese or american/chinese hybrids into this area. I can thin walnut as needed for light but there is nothing I can do about the juglone.

I am not any help on this topic, but I had never heard of juglone tolerance before, and just last week there were three trees sprouting in our vegetable garden that I identified as walnuts. I haven't figured out which neighbor has the walnut tree but it is not close to the property line, so our tomatoes should be fine!
Like I said, the lists on juglone tolerance are conflicting. Michigan State says juglone sensitive. Rutgers and Kansas Sate say tolerant or resistant to juglone. Penn State, Minnesota, Iowa State, and Ohio State don't mention chestnut. That is why I asked if anyone had experience with it.

As I kept looking around, I did find a few posts on the QDMA forum and some other forums where people say that they have chestnuts near walnuts. So I will order some chestnut seedlings to plant next spring and see how they do.

Among the most interesting things I found was a nut research stand planted by a Cornell professor in the 1920s and 30s. He planted hickory, walnut, pecan, filbert, and chinese chestnuts along with some persimmon and paw paws. It said most of the chestnuts were killed by a hard winter in 1933-34 but a few are still there. Since Ithaca is not far from me, I'll take a trip up sometime to check it out. I've never seen a paw paw so maybe we'll go when they should be ripe.